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NUR 2392 Multidimensional Care II


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1. A nurse is caring for a patient that was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

Based on testing there is no indication that cancer has spread to the other

organs. The patient is scheduled for surgery to have a lobectomy performed.

This classification of surgery is what type of treatment?

A. Prophylactic

B. Diagnostic

C. Curative

D. Palliative

2. The nurse knows which side effect of chemotherapy is the most serious?

A. nausea, vomiting

B. peripheral neuropathy

C. bone marrow suppression

D. dryness of the skin

3. Which of these factors in a patient's history is most likely related to the

development of lung cancer?

A. History of smoking for 20 years

B. History of poor diet

C. History of lack of exercise

D. Lack of screening

4. The provider wants to administer an isotonic solution to the patient. Which

of the following concentration is considered an isotonic solution?

A. 0.22%

B. 0.45%

C. 0.9%

D. 3.0%

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5. Which of the following cancers would you see arise from blood tissue?

A. Lymphomas

B. Carcinomas

C. Melanomas

D. Sarcomas

6. A nurse is caring for a patient who is on a fluid restriction and is preparing

for discharge. Which of the following should be included in their education?


a. Explain the purpose of the fluid restriction

b. Teach the patient and family about performing daily weights

c. Determine the patient's dietary preferences when planning a diet

after discharge

d. Advise the patient to not follow the fluid restrictions at home.

e. Advise them increase salt to their food to increase the flavor

7. A patient has CHF and the have renal failure. Which of these statements by

the patient requires further education to avoid hypervolemic episodes?

A. "I'm going to monitor my weight daily."

B. "I'm going to eat ham instead of chicken."

C. "I'll go to the emergency room if I have difficulty breathing."

8. A nurse is caring for a patient who's being treated for hypokalemia. Which of

the following is correct statement regarding potassium administration?

A. Infuse at a rate no greater than 40 mEq/hr.

B. Administer IM or IV

C. Administer IV push

D. Administer via an infusion pump

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9. A nurse is caring for a patient who is undergoing external radiation

treatment for liver cancer, what information do you need to provide to the

patient and family?

A. The importance of maintaining the external markings on the skin

for future treatment

B. Family should avoid contact with the patient

C. The treatments can last 4-6 hours

D. Radiation treatment has very few sides effects

10. A nurse is caring for a 90-year-old female patient. She was admitted for

N/V and diarrhea for 5 days. Her HR is 130 bpm, her BP is 96/50, her

mucus membranes are dry. She has poor skin turgor. Which of the following

is an appropriate fluid replacement?

A. Isotonic

B. Hypotonic

C. Hypertonic

D. Colloids

11. A nurse is caring for a patient who presents to the emergency department

with a nagging cough. They also have unusual bleeding, and changes to

their bowel and bladder habit. Based on these findings what is the

anticipated diagnosis?

A. Cancer

B. Influenza

C. Sclerosis of the liver

D. Gastritis

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