NUR2407 / NUR 2407 Module 6 Quiz (Latest 2021 / 2022): Pharmacology - Rasmussen College | Qwivy
NUR2407 / NUR 2407 Module 6 Quiz (Latest 2021 / 2022): Pharmacology - Rasmussen College | Qwivy

NUR 2407 Pharmacology

Module 6 Pharmacology Quiz

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Organic Nitrate

- Nitroglycerine


- Lovastatin

end in statin

Bile Acid Sequestrants

- Colesevelam , cholestyramine

Selective Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitor

- Ezetimibe 

Antiplatelet (Salicylic)

- Aspirin

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P2Y-12 ADP receptor antagonist (antiplatelet)

- Clopidogrel

Vitamin K Antagonist

- Warfarin

Direct Thrombin Inhibitor

- Dabigatran

Direct Factor Xa Inhibitor

- Rivaroxaban Apixaban


- Heparin 

Low molecular weight heparin (LMWH)

- Enoxaparin

Alfa Erythropoietic Growth Factor

- Epoetin

Leukopoietic Growth Factor

- Filgrastim

Thrombopoietic Growth Factor

- Oprelvekin

Synthetic Anti-diuretic Hormone

- Desmopressin, DDAVP (nasal spray)

Class: Organic Nitrate

Ex: Nitroglycerin

- Action: dilates veins and increases venous return decreasing oxygen demand

- Treats: acute angina (chest pain), prevention of angina on exertion

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- Side Effects: Headache, hypotension, reflex tachycardia, dizziness

- Considerations: Preg C, contraindicated in low BP, glaucoma, head injury,

concurrent antihypertensives. Do Not administer is PDE5s in last 24 hrs.

- Nursing: educate to sit down, OTC for HA, remove prior doses (creams, patches), 5

min between doses (spray, sublingual), Call 911 after 2nd dose, max 3 doses.

Nitrates: nursing instructions and patient education


- Do not give to patient with hypotension

- Do not give to patient taking meds for erectile dysfunction (sildenafil: Viagra)

phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE5)

- Only take 1 SL tab q 5 min. only up to 3!!

- Sit down and rest!

- Call 911 after the second dose is taken

- Use gloves when applying paste or ointment to avoid self-administration

- Causes headaches

- Transdermal patches should be removed at night (6-12hrs) to prevent tolerance

Chest pain that does not respond after 2-3 doses may indicate MI. call MD

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