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TRUE/FALSE - Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

1) Managing emerging diseases such as SARS is just one of the many challenges facing

science today.

⊚ true

⊚ false

2) The development of new technologies is based on science.

⊚ true

⊚ false

CHECK ALL THE APPLY. Choose all options that best completes the statement or

answers the question.

3) Which of the following statement(s) regarding genes is/are true? Select all that apply.

 A) Genes are made up of DNA.

 B) All cells in a multicellular organism contain the same set of genes.

C) Humans receive their DNA/genes from either their mother or their father but not


 D) Variations in genes are the result of mutations.

 E) All organisms such as roses, elephants and mushrooms have the same set of genes.

MULTIPLE CHOICE - Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or

answers the question.

4) The circulatory system of a whale is considered an organ system because it is composed

of different

 A) cells.

 B) tissues.

 C) organs.

 D) molecules.

 E) hearts.


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5) Which of the following correctly lists the levels of biological organization from simplest

to most complex?

 A) cells, organs, tissues, organ systems, organism

 B) organs, organ system, organism, cells, tissues

 C) tissues, organs, organ systems, organism, cells

 D) cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organism

 E) organ systems, tissues, cells, organism, organs

6) The smallest, most basic unit of life is a(n)

 A) tissue.

 B) organ.

 C) cell.

 D) species.

 E) organism.

7) Which of the following processes transforms solar energy into chemical energy?

 A) metabolism

 B) homeostasis

 C) respiration

 D) photosynthesis

 E) reproduction

8) As autumn approaches, white-tailed deer begin to accumulate a layer of body fat. This is

an example of which characteristic of life?


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Version 1 3

 A) maintaining homeostasis

 B) metabolism

 C) response to the environment

 D) energy regulation

 E) organization

9) Salmon live in both fresh water and salt water during their lives. They are born in in fresh

water but migrate out to marine waters for most of their life. Eventually, they return to the place

they were born in fresh water to spawn. Changing between fresh water and salt water affects the

balance of water in their body. Salmon have an internalcontrol system called

osmoregulationthatrestores the balance by negative feedback. This is an example of which

characteristic of life?

 A) adaptation

 B) reproduction and development

 C) response to the environment

 D) energy transformation

 E) maintaining homeostasis

10) Which of the following pairs of words is matched correctly?

 A) brain - organ

 B) neuron - tissue

 C) osteocyte - organelle

 D) gene - atom

 E) heart - organ system

11) Many insects cannot see the color red, and as a result many insect-pollinated flowers are

colors other than red (e.g., purple and yellow). Flower color would be considered a(n)


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Version 1 4

 A) method for maintaining homeostasis.

 B) way to maintain metabolism.

 C) adaptation.

 D) example of energy flow.

 E) example of nutrient cycling.

12) Simon is an avid gardener who spends a lot of time caring for the plants in his garden. To

minimize damage from pests from his garden, Simon uses a pesticide spray. After a few years of

using the same pesticide spray, he notices that it has become less effective. This is most likely

due to

 A) evolution by natural selection.

 B) using the spray incorrectly.

 C) the plants in the garden evolving.

 D) the plants maintaining homeostasis.

 E) something else in the environment.

13) All the chemical reactions that occur in a cell are collectively called

 A) mitosis.

 B) photosynthesis.

 C) cellular respiration.

 D) meiosis.

 E) metabolism.

14) Is the following statement true or false? The only single-celled organismsare prokaryotes,

such asarchaeans and bacteria.


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