NRS 611 ihuman 3 Caleb Metz.Caleb Metz

NRS 611

ihuman 3 Caleb Metz.Caleb Metz

13 yr old Male

CC: Testicular pain

HPI: Pt is a 13 year old male who is normal of good health. Pt states he is having pain on the left side of

his groin area. Pain started about 2 hours ago well playing basketball, he got a sudden onset of sharp

pain. Pt states he had 1 episode of emesis. Pain doesn’t radiate to anywhere else. Nothing makes the

pain better or worse. Other symptoms include the emesis x1 and nausea. Pt has NKA, is denies using any

prescriptions, OTC, or herbal medications. Immunizations are up to date. No past medical history. Past

surgical history includes tympanostomy tubes as a young child. Pt is a middle school student who lives

at home with his parents and sister. Father has a history of high blood pressure. Pt plays sports at

school. Denies alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drug use. Denies being sexually active. Last physical 3

months ago, wears a helmet when riding a bike, and a seat belt

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