Gizmos Student Exploration| DNA Profiling

Student Exploration: DNA Profiling

Vocabulary: DNA polymerase, DNA profiling, gel electrophoresis, gene, mutation, non-coding region,

polymerase chain reaction, primer, short tandem repeat

Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.)

In 1985, Darryl Hunt was convicted of murder. While Hunt was in jail, a new method for analyzing

DNA evidence was invented. The DNA evidence on the victim did not match Hunt’s DNA but did

match that of another prisoner. After 19 years spent behind bars, Hunt was finally declared innocent and

released from prison in 2004.

1. DNA is used to tell people apart. What aspects of DNA do you think make this


 The lengths of the repeated sequences in DNA

 The DNA sequences themselves

2. What are some possible uses for technology that can identify people based on theirDNA?

 Gel electrophoresis

Gizmo Warm-up

DNA profiling does not just compare people’s entire genome sideby side.

Instead, a very particular part of the DNA is compared. Inthe DNA

Profiling Gizmo you will learn about the differences in DNA that make

DNA profiling possible and you will use that knowledge to design your

own DNA profiling test.

Click on the crime lab in the Forensic training section. You are looking at a strand of DNA. DNA contains

genes and non-coding regions between genes. Click on Non-coding A.

1. You are looking at a portion of the non-coding A section for three different people.Are these

sections the same or different? Explain.

- The sections are different. Person 1 has the longest section, person 3 has thesecondlongest section and person 2 has the shortest section.

a. Click Previous then click on Gene A. Are there differences in gene A for the three


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