Prioritization and Delegation Test Bank

Prioritization and Delegation Test Bank

1. The charge nurse assigns two RNs to provide care as a team for laboring patients. What are the supervisory needs of

each of these?

a) Because they have equal status, each RN is responsible for supervising the other RN.

b) Supervision is not necessary because each RN is responsible and accountable for his/her own practice.

c) RNs cannot delegate to other RNs, so supervision is not possible in this situation.

d) The charge nurse who made the assignment is responsible for supervising each of the RNs.

2. In determining the competencies of staff to whom the registered nurse may delegate, the RN should review the annual

staff competencies required by:

a) Licensing bodies such as the American Nurses Association

b) American Association of Critical Care Nurses

c) Accrediting agencies such as the Joint Commission

d) Third party payers such as Medicaid and private insurers

3. Which of the following would have the highest priority when one is determining to whom to delegate a task?

a) How many times the person has performed the task

b) Whether the employee wants to perform the task

c) The amount of time needed to complete the task

d) The credentials of the person to whom the task is being delegated

4. An experienced LPN, under the supervision of the team leader RN, is providing nursing care for a patient with a

respiratory problem. Which actions are appropriate to the scope of practice of an experienced LPN? (Select all that


a) Perform trach care

b) Administer medications via metered-dose inhaler (MDI)

c) Complete in-depth admission assessment

d) Initiate the nursing care plan

e) Reinforce teaching for using MDI’s

5. The charge nurse is making assignments for a 30-bed cardiac unit staffed with three registered nurses (RNs), three

licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and three unlicensed assistive personnel (UAPs). Which assignment is most

appropriate by the charge nurse?

a) Assign an RN to perform all sterile procedures.

b) Assign an LPN to give all IV medications.

c) Assign an UAP to complete the a.m. care.

d) Assign an LPN to write the care plans.

6. The nurse is assigned to the following clients. Which client should be assessed first?

a) A client admitted to the hospital for observation who has absent bowel sounds.

b) A 24-hour postoperative client who had a wedge resection of the lung and has a closed chest tube drainage


c) A client with CHF who has a 4 lb weight gain since yesterday and is experiencing shortness of breath.

d) A client who is undergoing surgery for a hysterectomy on the following day.

7. The unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) tells the nurse the client has a blood pressure of 78/46 and a pulse of 116

using a vital signs machine. Which intervention should the nurse implement first?

a) Notify the healthcare provider immediately.

b) Have the UAP recheck the client’s vital signs manually.

c) Place the client in Trendelenburg position.

d) Assess the client’s cardiovascular status.

8. The patient's spouse is frustrated and tells the nurse, "Everyone is telling me something different as to when my wife

is going to be able to go home. I don't know who to believe." Which statement is the nurse's best response?

a) “I see can see you are frustrated. Would you like to talk about how you feel?”

b) “I will contact the case manager and have her talk to you as soon as possible.”

c) “Don’t worry. Your wife won’t go home until both you and she are ready.”

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